As a member of The Tribe of Superbwomen, you will find yourself a part of a group of women who are as committed to their own success as they are to helping you on your path. These are women who are comfortable in their own skin, who know what works -and what doesn’t- for them, and have crafted and are living powerful lives as a result, giving back to their communities. To have this kind of support, to know that there is someone who has your back, and to have your “go to” women at your fingertips….that is what it means to be a part of this Tribe.

The Tribe of Superbwomen is an exclusive membership organization, operating from a “give-to-get” model. We believe that in order for this to be truly a unique and valuable organization, our members must be willing to be active participants, sharing their strengths and passions with the same level of enthusiasm as that which they receive from the other successful women in The Tribe.

Associate Membership entitles the Member to:

  • Free monthly consultations with the experts of the Executive Council
  • Free Monthly informational webinars
  • Monthly topical chat video¬†groups
  • Invitations to members-only events and discounts on other special events

Basic Membership of The Tribe of Superbwomen entitles the Member to:

  • All the Online Member benefits PLUS:
  • Photo on website
  • Promotion on Social Media
  • Ability to lead monthly informational webinars on topic of your choice

Ready to apply? Click one of the payment plans below:

Free - Facebook Group
Join our Facebook Group, exclusively for Women who believe in the power of helping other Women.
Associate Membership
Associate Membership: Includes free access to webinars, consultations with experts and discounts on in-person events
Basic Membership
Basic Membership: Includes FB Group, Free webinars, Consultations with Experts, and the ability to give webinars and receive promotion for your business