1) Women have the power to change this world
2) We cannot do it alone

Welcome to The Tribe of Superbwomen!

An on-line community for successful women to connect personally and professionally.

Women have the power to change this world....when they realize it. We, as women, face the obstacle of glass ceilings:

  • External/objective - the kind we face within business and society that prohibits our growth and advancement
  • Internal/subjective - the way we hold ourselves back

A Superbwoman has learned that breaking through the internal glass ceiling is the key to moving past the external one.

A Superbwoman is a woman who:

  • is comfortable in her own skin
  • has taken the time to BE: to connect with her values, her skills, her passions, her beliefs and her goals
  • is doing amazing things because she has tapped into her inner power
  • is giving back
  • is lifting others up as she goes

As former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright recently said, “There is a special place of honor for women who support other women.” This is that place!

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What is The Tribe of Superbwomen ?

What is The Tribe of Superbwomen?

It’s an on-line community for successful Superbwomen, providing them a safe space to share ideas, ask for feedback, get advice, barter for business and services, make personal and professional contacts, learn, give back and grow!

It’s an exclusive, membership community based on a “give to get” model: What have you got to give to the community? We believe that growth and connection comes in both the giving and the receiving. Instead of asking the question, “What’s in it for me?”, we ask, “What have I got to give the community to make it better?” It’s our way of lifting each other up!

What people say


“Having a Tribe is important to me because I love knowing I have a strong, supportive community of women around me that always has my back.” – Carey Davidson, Tournesol Wellness Center


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Contact Us

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